Cheap Flight Tickets to Toronto

Fly to Toronto and Process to Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Toronto

Toronto is a major tourist attraction of Canada and is famous among tourists around the world. It is situated in the state of Ontario and is the largest city in Canada. Toronto is a rich cultural city and is a hub of business, arts and finance. Toronto is connected to all the major cities in the world and its very easy to book flights to Toronto from anywhere around the world. The following segments gives you a better understanding on how to book tickets to Toronto.

Climate of Toronto and Best time to fly

Toronto has warm humid summers and cold winters so it has a humid continental climate. Cold winters can be harsh to even come out of the house and its difficult to manage outside. Hence the best time to visit Toronto is in Canadian summers. Best time to fly to Toronto is around March to August. So book your flights in advance to book cheap flight tickets to Toronto in summers.

Major tourist attractions in Toronto:

CN Tower: It is Canada’s most famous tourist attraction. It is a 553 metre long tower from where you can see whole of Toronto. Also this tower can be seen from anywhere in the city. It gives a good view of the major attractions of the city, you can see Ontario lake from here which is a spectacular view. You can also see Niagra falls from here also.

Rogers Centre: Just adjacent to CN tower, Rogers Centre is also another major tourist attraction. It’s a big sports arena and can have thousand of people gathered here when a match is in progress.

Casa Loma: Casa Loma is a famous historic building with medieval architectural built. It has around 100 rooms . For lovers of history and art, Casa Loma is a must watch.

The Toronto Zoo: For the animal and wildlife lovers, The Toronto Zoo is a major and best attraction. It is home to thousands of animals and birds of both endangered and unique species which makes it a exotic place to watch. The zoo has lot of seasonal birds that come around in summers which makes it a good place to watch.

  • Apart from the above described major attractions, other famous sites are Ripley’s Aquarium, Eaton centre, City hall etc.
  • Make sure you book cheap tickets to Toronto much in advance because you will save only when you book in advance. Make sure you utilise your credit cards and rewards on ticket booking to ensure minimum you pay to the tickets.