Does Spirit Airlines Charge for Carry on

Know whether Spirit Airlines charges for carry on baggage

Based in Florida, Spirit Airlines is a renowned American airline which is known for providing its customers with low-cost fare tickets. Further, the airline provides passengers with multiple online services that one can which one can avail once they book reservations with the airline.

Besides, there are many passengers who have a query, does Spirit Airlines charge for carry on? Well, as per the policy of the airline, the passengers who have booked a flight ticket are allowed to carry a maximum of one personal item for free. Apart from this, the passenger is charged with an amount for standard carry-on baggage. However, these charges might vary with the fare club and non-fare club members that can be confirmed by contacting the reservation center of the airline.

Furthermore, to help out the passengers, here are some important pointers of the baggage policy that one should know to travel hassle-free.

Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines

  • The passenger is allowed to carry one personal item with a maximum dimension of 18 x 14 x 8 inches. However, a standard charge will be applied for other additional baggage.
  • Further, as per the baggage policy, there is no free checked baggage which means that the passenger is required to pay a certain amount for each checked baggage.
  • However, it is stated that a passenger can check-in a maximum of 5 bags and need to pay for the same. And the total dimension and weight of the baggage should not exceed 62 inches and 18.1 Kg.
  • Besides, there is a list of prohibited items that one can easily check at the official website of the airline.

Thus, this was the complete details about the Spirit Airlines baggage policy. If a passenger still has queries or issues, they can feel free to contact the reservation center of the airline for help.


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